With So Many Benefits The Choice Is Easy Clean Energy Is The Future.


An electric propulsion motor will never pollute the environment with harmful fossil fuels, toxic exhaust or obnoxious noise. There is no need for fuel and you’ll never need to worry about an onboard fuel fire or carbon monoxide poising.

Bluefin Electric Marine has an ongoing commitment to looking at alternative energy advancements and implementing them where possible to lead a cleaner, more sustainable future for generations to come.



An electric propulsion motor for your boat has less moving parts and very little vibration therefore less can go wrong. There is 7 year manufacturer warranty on all of the Bluefin Inboard motors.
You’ll never have to winterize or worry about an electric motor rusting from sitting or non operation. You really can just turn the key and GO!

Money In The Bank

Components are “plug-n-play” for quick and easy diagnosis, services and replacement. With a reliable well-built electric propulsion motor you’ll never need a tune-up. Since there is no oil, gas, or combustion, there are so many things you’ll never have to spend your money on again! The concept of never stopping to get gas is a realization that takes some getting use to. Put your wallet back in your pocket, skip the fuel line up and just keep cruising.


With an electric propulsion motor, there is no need to run through this routine list again!

  1. Periodically check the fuel line for cracks and worn spots.
  2. Make sure the fuel primer bulb is not cracked and is pliable.
  3. Make sure the fuel-line fittings seat properly and don’t leak.
  4. Check the clamps on the fuel line for rust or corrosion.
  5. Check the fuel tanks for damage and corrosion.
  6. Check the tank vent to make sure it aspirates properly.
  7. Check regularly for water in the fuel.
Peace of Mind

There is pride in being “Green”.
Simply cruise all day, leaving little or no carbon footprint, charge overnight or on the fly using solar panels or wind generators – day after day.


Absurd Maintenance Fees

When is the last time you looked at your maintenance bill for your boat motor and thought, “…gee…now that was reasonable” ? Chances are you walked away wondering if all the “money pit” stories are true.

It’s simple, the gas boat motor as a technology has evolved very little over the many years it’s been around. There are a lot of moving parts, they are big and heavy, and tucked into a very cramped space. The electric propulsion motor has “leapfrogged” in comparison, they are mechanically simple, powerful, smaller, lighter (in comparison), they are easily diagnosed, serviced and/or replaced.

Absurd Fuel Costs

Fuel is not a renewable resource. One only has to look at the rising cost of fuel and the average consumption of 1 to 6 mpg, the math isn’t hard to figure out that a weekend adventure requires deeper and deeper pockets.

It’s time to make the switch from spending hundreds of dollars a day to pennies a day.

The choice is simple.